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Sunday, June 23, 2013

6/23/13- SOD

Bands & Sprints

It's a beautiful day so head outside for today's SOD. You'll need a set of bands and room to run. Good luck!

1)Run :30
Band Lateral to Front Raise 10
Sprint :30
(Complete 3 sets)

2)Run :30
Band Rows 20
Sprint :30
(Complete 3 sets)

3)Run :30
Band Chest Press and Chest Fly 10
Sprint :30
(Complete 3 sets)

4)Run :30
Band Woodchops 10
Sprint :30
(Complete 3 sets)

5)Run :30
Band Hold :45
Sprint :30
(Complete 3 sets)

6)Run :30
Band Bicep Curl 20
Sprint :30
(Complete 3 sets)

7)Run :30
Band Tricep Press 20
Sprint :30
(Complete 3 sets)

8)Run :30
Band Squat and Press 10
Sprint :30
(Complete 3 sets)

Friday, June 7, 2013

6/7/13- SOD

KB/BW Combo

1)KB Swing
2)KB Squat & Press
Walking Lunge
Jumping Jacks
20x4 (each side)
3)KB Figure 8's
4)KB Suitcase 10x4 (each side)
Elbow Plank :90x4
Run :60x4

Thursday, June 6, 2013

6/6/13- SOD

BB Complex & Jump Rope

Front Squat
Hang Clean & Press
Bent Row 
Stepback Lunge
Bicep Curl
SL Deadlift
Walking Lunge
Deadlift to Upright Row
Squat & Press
JR :60

10 Reps for each set. 4 sets. Good luck!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

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6/1/13- From WOD to SOD

From now on, so as not to confuse ourselves with Crossfit, an organization which I despise, our workouts of the day will now be known as our Sweat of the Day (SOD).

Today's SOD:
20 Burpees
20 Pushups
10 DB Turkish Getups (each side)
40 DB Walking Lunges
10 Squat Jumps
:60 Elbow Plank
10 DB Plank Rows (each side)
:60 Jump Rope

Repeat for a total of 4 sets. Good luck!