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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WOD: 5/17/11

Today's WOD is all about dumbbells.  Pick a pair of dumbbells that are difficult enough to allow for only 10 reps with good form for a squat and press.  Use the same weight for all of the other exercises, making sure to hold onto the dumbbells until you complete the set.  Complete 10 reps of each exercise in a circuit and rest for 60 seconds after each set.  Complete a total of six times and record your elapsed time for the completion of all six sets.

  1. Squat and Press
  2. Walking Lunges (10 reps each leg)
  3. Alternating Bench Press (10 reps each arm)
  4. Stepback Lunges (10 reps each leg)
  5. Burpees (hold weights at shoulders with jump)
  6. Single Leg Bent Row (10 reps each leg then switch)
Make sure to stay hydrated and maintain good form.  If you have any questions about the exercises feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  Check in tomorrow for Wednesday's WOD!

Monday, May 16, 2011

WOD: 5/16/11

We're mixing circuits today with some boxing intervals.  Complete 10 reps of each exercise in a circuit and perform the boxing interval immediately after.  Rest 90 seconds in between sets and complete a total of five times.  Record time from start until completion.

  1. Pushups (modify on elevated bar or stairs if needed)
  2. Bent Dumbbell Rows
  3. Stepback Lunges (10 reps on each leg)
  4. Up Down Planks (elbow to hands, 5 on each arm)
  5. Squat and Press with Dumbbells
  6. Jumping Jacks
  7. Mountainclimbers (10 reps on each leg)
  8. Stationary Lunge with Biceps Curl (10 reps on each leg)
  9. Kettlebell Two-Handed Swing
  10. Kettlebell Oblique Rotation (10 reps on each side)
  11. Punches (100 punches as fast as you can- mix and match punching combos)
Remember to maintain form and stretch afterwards.  You should be very winded throughout the workout so be sure to utilize the 90 second rest and rehydrate.  Check in tomorrow for Tuesday's WOD!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

WOD: 5/14/11

Today's WOD is all about sprinting.  We're mixing Tabata intervals with increasing and decreasing sprints as well as sprints for time.  Before we begin the sprint medley, let's start off with a 5 minute jog, progressing into a run, then stretching for 5 minutes, and resting for 1 minute before starting the sprints.

Round 1: Tabata intervals :20/:10 for 4 minutes.  Sprint for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, for a total of 4 minutes.  To get the most out of this exercise, you MUST sprint all out for the 20 seconds and rest completely during the 10 second rest.  If you're winded and can hardly catch your breath, then you are doing it correctly.

Round 2: Run for 15 seconds at 50% of max speed, sprint for 15 seconds at 100% of max speed, run for 15 seconds at 25% of max speed, and walk for 15 seconds.  Repeat cycle for a total of 10 minutes.

Round 3: Use your environment for your intervals.  If you're on a track use distance markers, if you're outside, you can use lamp posts or mailboxes, or, you can use the Johnny Damon method, which is wait for a car to pass you, and then chase it until it's completely out of sight.  Some of these methods are crazier than others, but all get the job done.  The plan here is simple, mix walking with sprinting, alternating from one to the next until you hit a total of 10 minutes.

To cool down, walk for approximately 5 to 10 minutes in order to get your heart rate down to around 100 beats per minute or less.  Stretch for 5 minutes and rehydrate.  Keep up the good work and check back in tomorrow for the workout of the day!

Friday, May 13, 2011

WOD: 5/13/11

Blogger was down yesterday, hence the reason for no Thursday WOD.  Consider it a rest day and take on the challenge of Friday's WOD.  Today we're mixing in a full body workout and counting down the reps from 10 down to 1.  Complete the exercises in a circuit, one after another without rest, completing 10 reps for each exercise in round 1, then rest for 1 minute.  In round 2, complete all of the exercises in a circuit again, completing 9 reps for each exercise, and then resting for 50 seconds.  In round three it's 8 reps and a 40 second rest, in round 4 you're shooting for 7 reps and a 30 second rest, 6 reps in round 5 with a 20 second rest, and no rest after round 6 and so on.  You continue each round in a circuit manner until you work your way down to 1 rep.  Here are the exercises:

  1. Pushups (to modify, use stairs or an elevated bar)
  2. Squats
  3. Inverted Rows (with a TRX Suspension Trainer, gymnastics rings, or underneath a bar)
  4. Step Back Lunges (reps count for each leg)
Time your start and completion to track your progress and make sure to maintain form throughout.  Stay hydrated, stretch afterwards and check in tomorrow for Saturday's WOD.  

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WOD: 5/11/11

Today we're doing boxing intervals!  You can hit a heavy bag, use light dumbbells, or simply use your fists for today's workout.  We're going to be using :20/:10 Tabata intervals for each round, which last for 4 minutes.  You get a 90 second rest in between rounds, and then right back into the action.  We're going for 6 rounds today, for a total of 24 minutes of intervals.  Make sure to give 1000% effort in each interval, and you should be huffing, puffing, and dripping with sweat throughout.

Round 1: Hooks to the head
Round 2: Left jab, right hook
Round 3: Right jab, left hook
Round 4: Uppercuts
Round 5: Hooks to the body
Round 6: Fast jabs (alternate lead leg with each interval)

Make sure to hydrate and try to exhale forcefully with each punch.  You'll work your core even more and it will help to regulate your breathing and heart rate.  Good luck and check back in tomorrow for Thursday's workout of the day!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WOD 5/10/11

Today's workout involves Coach Robert Dos Remedios' techniques provided in his book, "Cardio Strength Training."  Use a kettlebell that you would use for ten reps and complete one exercise after another in a circuit, making sure to complete all exercises and reps before putting down the kettlebell.  Time each circuit and attempt to complete it a total of four times, resting two minutes in between sets.  Remember, good form is key and steady, controlled breathing is essential as well.  Good luck!

  1. Two Handed Kettlebell Swing
  2. Upside Down Kettlebell Sumo Squats
  3. Kettlebell Push Press (ten reps for each side)
As an added challenge, attempt to beat your previous times and record the weight and times for future use.  Stay hydrated and check back in tomorrow for Wednesday's Workout of the Day!

Monday, May 9, 2011

WOD: 5/9/11

Burning Leg 24's

Here's a great leg matrix to add to your workout today.  For beginners, shoot for 10 reps, intermediate athletes go for 15, and if you really want a challenge, go for all 24!  Here's how it works, start off with exercise #1 and complete the number of reps.  Immediately move to exercise #2, then #3, and finally finishing with exercise #4, all without resting in between exercises.  For today, we're focusing on the legs:

  1. Bodyweight Squats
  2. Split Squat (each leg)
  3. Stepback Lunges (each leg)
  4. Squat Jumps
Try to complete 3 cycles of the "24's" and record the time for completion.  Make sure to rest 90 to 120 seconds in between sets to ensure proper recovery.  Remember, we're shooting for speed, explosiveness, and excellent form throughout the exercises.  If you're dripping with sweat and are pondering whether you're going to see your last meal for the second time today, then you've done execellently.  Be sure to stretch, rehydrate, and check back in tomorrow for the WOD.