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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WOD: 5/11/11

Today we're doing boxing intervals!  You can hit a heavy bag, use light dumbbells, or simply use your fists for today's workout.  We're going to be using :20/:10 Tabata intervals for each round, which last for 4 minutes.  You get a 90 second rest in between rounds, and then right back into the action.  We're going for 6 rounds today, for a total of 24 minutes of intervals.  Make sure to give 1000% effort in each interval, and you should be huffing, puffing, and dripping with sweat throughout.

Round 1: Hooks to the head
Round 2: Left jab, right hook
Round 3: Right jab, left hook
Round 4: Uppercuts
Round 5: Hooks to the body
Round 6: Fast jabs (alternate lead leg with each interval)

Make sure to hydrate and try to exhale forcefully with each punch.  You'll work your core even more and it will help to regulate your breathing and heart rate.  Good luck and check back in tomorrow for Thursday's workout of the day!

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