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Friday, May 13, 2011

WOD: 5/13/11

Blogger was down yesterday, hence the reason for no Thursday WOD.  Consider it a rest day and take on the challenge of Friday's WOD.  Today we're mixing in a full body workout and counting down the reps from 10 down to 1.  Complete the exercises in a circuit, one after another without rest, completing 10 reps for each exercise in round 1, then rest for 1 minute.  In round 2, complete all of the exercises in a circuit again, completing 9 reps for each exercise, and then resting for 50 seconds.  In round three it's 8 reps and a 40 second rest, in round 4 you're shooting for 7 reps and a 30 second rest, 6 reps in round 5 with a 20 second rest, and no rest after round 6 and so on.  You continue each round in a circuit manner until you work your way down to 1 rep.  Here are the exercises:

  1. Pushups (to modify, use stairs or an elevated bar)
  2. Squats
  3. Inverted Rows (with a TRX Suspension Trainer, gymnastics rings, or underneath a bar)
  4. Step Back Lunges (reps count for each leg)
Time your start and completion to track your progress and make sure to maintain form throughout.  Stay hydrated, stretch afterwards and check in tomorrow for Saturday's WOD.  

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