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Monday, January 2, 2012

1/2/12- New Year, New WOD

Happy New Year! Our new obstacle course website will be launched this week so stay tuned for more info. We'll also be offering group training for anyone looking to conquer the Smash n' Dash course so check us out on Facebook and check in to The Daily Sweat often to find out more about our new group training classes.

Here's the first WOD of 2012:
Burpees 10
Pushups 20
Squats 20
Step back Lunges 20
Pullups 10
Plank :60
Russian Twists 20
Burpees 10
KB Turkish Getup 10
KB Swing & Catch 20
Bicycles 20
Hanging Knee Ups 15
KB Overhead 10
Squat Hold :60
Hand Plank :60
KB Row 10
Lawn mower 10
Burpees 10

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