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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2/29/12- BLT

Barbell Leaps Tabata

You'll need a barbell for today's WOD, space for squat jumps (the leap), and something for Tabata intervals (rower, ropes, jump rope, light dumbbells, etc.).  Complete the barbell complex, then proceed to the squat jumps, then move on to the Tabata interval.  Complete for a total of 4 sets.  Good luck!

Barbell Complex (10 reps of each exercise)
  1. SL Deadlift
  2. Hang Clean
  3. Push Press
  4. Bent Row
  5. Front Squat
  6. Shrugs
Squat Jumps (10 reps)

Tabata Interval (4 min of :20/:10)

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