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Sunday, September 25, 2011

9/25/11- NFL Sunday Workout

Karyl and Miles in their Giants gear
With the Giants facing the Eagles today the WOD is focused on getting in a quick workout between games.  So, whether you're watching the one o'clock, the four o'clock, or the Sunday Night Football game, you can fit this workout in and get back to watching the game.  Go Giants!

You'll be using a kettlebell (KB) and light dumbbells (DB) for Tabata boxing intervals.
  1. KB Swings 15x2
  2. KB Suitcase 10x2
  3. KB Squat and Press 10x2
  4. :20/:10 Tabata boxing interval for 4 min
  5. KB Lawnmower 10x2
  6. KB Single Arm Row 15x2
  7. KB Russian Twist 15x2
  8. :20/:10 Tabata boxing interval for 4 min
  9. KB Swing and Catch 20x2
  10. KB Overhead Swing 10x2
  11. KB Stepback Lunge 10x2
  12. :20/:10 Tabata boxing interval for 4 min
  13. KB Squat 20x2
  14. KB V-Ups 10x2
  15. KB Turkish Get-Up 10x2
  16. :20/:10 Tabata boxing interval for 4 min
Good luck and enjoy the games today.  Check back in tomorrow for the WOD!

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