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Thursday, October 13, 2011

10/13/11- 1000

The 1000 Rep Club is the highest achievement at 1000 Percent Fitness, so today's workout will be a 1000 rep workout outside of the gym.  Complete all of the exercises within the designated sets and rest as needed between sets.  Record your time and if you finish in under an hour, you may be ready to take a shot at the 1000 Rep Club and earn your T-shirt along with a spot on the wall.  The number in parentheses is your running count.

Set 1
Pushups 10x5 (50)
Squats 25x4 (150)
Jump Pullups 10x5 (200)
Stepback Lunges 20x3 (260)

Set 2
Ball Slams 10x4 (300)
Burpees 10x3 (330)
Alternating Step Ups 15x4 (390)
Ring Rows 10x5 (440)

Set 3
DB Squat and Press 20x3 (500)
MB Russian Twist 25x4 (600)
KB Swing 15x4 (660)
KB Single Arm Row 10x4 (700)

Sand Bag Carry at 2011 Boston Metro Dash
Set 4
MB Lawnmower 10x4 (740)
Mountainclimbers 20x3 (800)
KB Turkish Getup 5x4 (820)
Squat Jumps 15x4 (880)

Set 5
DB Walking Lunge 20x3 (940)
Elbow to Hand Plank 5x4 (960)
Hanging Knee Raise 10x4 (1000)

Good luck and check back in tomorrow for the WOD!

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