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Saturday, November 12, 2011

11/12/11- Quack Attack

The Oregon Ducks are matched up against the Stanford Cardinals tonight in what should be an excellent game with lots of scoring.  Since the Oregon Ducks' mascot has a tradition of doing pushups with each score to match the team's points, (i.e. in a matchup against New Mexico last year, the duck completed 506 pushups in a 72-0 victory) you'll be testing out your squat and pushup capabilities in one of today's games.  With each score, regardless of the team, complete the number of squats to match the team's points.  On the next score, switch it up and go into pushups.  In a high scoring game, you'll get a pretty good workout, in a matchup similar to last week's LSU-Alabama game, you shouldn't even break a sweat.  Have fun with the workout and shoot for at least eight sets of each exercise.  And, since I've never been fond of Stanford nor do I understand all of the hoopla surrounding Andrew Luck, let's go Ducks! 

If you've never seen the duck in action, here's a little video...

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