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Sunday, November 13, 2011

11/13/11- Bands and Lunges

After yesterday's high scoring game, I ended up banging out 180 pushups and 156 squats, so we'll take it easy on the arms today.

For today's WOD you'll need a set of bands and we'll mix in some lunge variations. Good luck!

Wood chops 15x3
Step back lunges 40x3
Rows 20x3
Walking lunges 40x3
Lawn mowers 15x3
Single leg lunges 15x3
Oblique rotations 15x3
Stationary lunges 15x3
Band hold :45x3
Lunge to knee 15x3
Resisted kneeling crunch 20x3
Suspended lunge 10x3

Check back in tomorrow for the WOD!

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